In Search of The Ultimate Two Wheel Classic

This site is dedicated to featuring the bikes, the people and the nostalgia that we all love about classic motorcycles. That being said even classic motorcycle enthusiasts ride modern machines. We will be reporting on news in the industry with a little more focus on the marques with a deep history like Triumph and Harley Davidson.

In Search of The Ultimate Two Wheel Classic offers the viewer a window into the past, reviewing the motorcycle marques of yesteryear that left their mark in history. A glimpse at the people behind their design, the history and their influence on today's machines. You will also get to hear their engines and see them thundering down the road again as your host Alan Masters fires up these venerable vintage machines and puts them through their paces. Our goal is to feature these bikes out on the blacktop where they belong. You will get to hear the engines roar as these vintage machines fly through the countryside.

Currently full episodes can be seen on Rogers TV in the Aliston area in Ontario, Canada.
Individual stories will be uploaded to our site on a regular basis.

For those who enjoy reading, host Alan Masters has a series of editorials where he reflects. comments and questions anything and everything related to motorcycles.

If you have an interesting story you would like to share with us or would like us to hunt down a classic marque of your dreams let us know at

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